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      SEO – Search Engine Optimization

      Let’s face it, if your site does not make an appearance on the first page of Google search, the odds of a potential customer visiting your site is not very high.

      As an experienced SEO agency in Dubai, we have helped optimize and achieve first page ranking for several businesses in the region.

      So, what do we do? For SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your website, we start with an SEO analysis which covers both website code and content. Apart from generating creative and original keyword-rich content, we fix broken links, optimize tags for images, titles for pages and setup up all necessary tools to track your website traffic and performance.

      On-Site Optimization

      On-site SEO is all about optimizing elements on the web page in order to rank higher and gain traffic. In On-site SEO both content and HTML source code of a page is optimized. Optimized website content can be easily interpreted by search engines and at the same time help users understand quickly and clearly what a page is about. When a user puts in a search query or a keyword, the search engine serves what the user would think is of the best quality and is reliable. In a nutshell, on-site SEO assists search engines and users to understand what a web page is all about, identify that page as relevant to a searched keyword and find the page useful and worthy of ranking well on a search engine results page.

      A Lot More Than Keywords

      Earlier on-site SEO optimization meant adding most searched for keywords in the content of your website, and no priority was given to the user-friendly & readability aspect. However, now search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated. While keyword use still matters, search engines can now understand a page’s meaning from the use of synonyms and the context in which content appears or even just paying attention to the frequency with which specific word combinations are mentioned. Now more importance is given to thorough content, user-friendliness, uniqueness and trustworthiness.

      It is also important for images on your website to have an alt text not only because it is good for SEO but also because the alt tag is used by screen readers that are browsers used by blind and visually impaired people to tell them what is on the image.

      The non-keyword aspects that impact a website include a number of internal and external links on the page, the page loading speed, page URL structure, mobile use friendliness and the like. The more usable a page is, the better it’s on-site SEO optimization. As an SEO agency in Dubai, we understand the importance of unique, good quality, keyword-rich content and we work constantly towards improving your websites ranking on search engines employing all the best and latest SEO strategies.

      Off-Site Optimization

      Off-site SEO is all about actions taken outside of your own website. There are several offsite SEO techniques that impact your rankings on search engine results page. This involves improving user perception of a site’s popularity through relevance, trustworthiness and authority. Backlinks are the backbone of off-site SEO. Search engines use backlinks as identifiers of the quality of the linked-to content. A site with many high value backlinks rank better as compared to one with lesser backlinks. Backlinks can be natural links, manually built links or self-created links. Other non link related SEO strategies include Social Media Marketing, guest blogging, linked and unlinked brand mentions and influencer marketing. Off site SEO is much like the in-person equivalent of a good quality product in a brick-and-mortar business gaining popularity by word of mouth. It relies heavily on human behavior and applies to both organic and local SEO.

      Landing Pages

      Landing pages are prominent for their capacity to deliver high ROI. Research has shown that organizations using 40 or more landing pages generate 120% more leads than those using less than 5. Good quality landing pages are important to ensure that a potential customer or client lingers around long enough to sign up, download or make a purchase. What we do is help you create that!

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